Creating and serving espumas, hollandaise sauce, delicious foams and desserts, smooth soups, flavouring liquid ingredients and, of course, making whipped cream has never been easier. Our WHIPcreamers are the perfect kitchen tool for professionals and home-chefs, integrating variety in applications and simplicity in handling without limitations. Applicable for warm and cold dishes, easing the storage, holding and serving and enabling the exact portioning our WHIPcreamers have become essential tools in the modern cuisine.


Our stainless steel SODAsiphon is a convenient, efficient and stylish accessory for every kitchen, bar, lounge or office. This classic way of carbonating water was the origin of the gas cylinder industry and today it is popular again for preparing pure and tasty soda water, tasty and sparkling drinks, for fizzing up juices or wine. Our carbonating system is an easy to handle, space saving and environmentally friendly way to produce soda water on site.


Chargers is a short and descriptive term for several kinds of steel cylinders from 2ml up to 120ml containing compressed gas for various applications. These cylinders are small power packs, providing kinetic energy, propellants, preservation gases, foaming and carbonization agents, icing media for medical applications, tire fillings and gases for several other purposes. The best-known types of these gas cylinders of course are cream chargers for food preparation and soda chargers for water carbonisation. All over the world chefs, baristas and caterings are using these chargers in combination with our appliances.

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