Inspirations for exquisite dishes, delighting desserts, perfect sauces, finger food, soft drinks or cocktails. The KAYSER recipe collection offers you an introduction to a wide range of possibilities for a creative menu. Foaming, carbonating and rapid infusion are the right ways of to enhance the taste and the serving of dishes, desserts and drinks. The KAYSER recipes are created to be contrived perfectly with KAYSER products and are inviting to new creations.


Inflated avalanche airbag backpacks, tire inflators for bicycles and powerlets for each kind of air pistols and air rifles are the best-known sport applications for CO2 cylinders. In the field of sports and leisure, KAYSER sport chargers offer the safety and flexibility, that is required in tournaments, training by professionals or in leisure by recreational athletes. KAYSER offers a wide range of cylinder sizes with plain- or threaded neck. Various kinds of markings, packaging and surface protections are giving each cylinder the perfect fit to it’s intended purpose.


The capability of gas cylinders, to hold energy available for several years, is the easiest way to integrate an electricity independent power-cell in each industrial or technical application. KAYSER develops disposable custom-build gas cylinders together with our customer in accordance with their technical specifications and related standard.