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Redberry Gin






10 min


Chill Time
12 h

280 ml gin
30 ml sugar sirup (water and sugar boiled 1:1)
60g raspberries
60g red currants
60g strawberries

Wildberry lemonade or tonic water to infuse

To decorate
Lemon balm
Ice cubes

Wash the berries, chop the strawberries and pour everything together into the Kayser cream bottle. Screw the head firmly onto the bottle, insert the Kayser cream charger and swirl the bottle slightly. Flavor for at least 12 hours.

Venting: Bottle must not be shaken and must stand upright. Gently press the lever, completely degassing the cream bottle. A cloth can also be placed over the air outlet as a precaution if small traces of the liquid should escape. Unscrew the head and pour the gin through a fine sieve.

Pour 4 cl Redberry gin with 150 ml Wildberry lemonade or tonic water and serve with ice and lemon balm.

Our tip: Care must be taken to ensure that only ripe, aromatic berries are used. Frozen berries are also very suitable. These also enhance the red color of the gin.