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Mascarpone Mousse with Crème Brûlée Syrup






30 min


Chill Time
30 min


Suitable for: WHIPcreamer INOX 0,5 L and WHIPcreamer SYMPHONIE 0,5 L

250 gmascarpone
70 mlcrème brûlée syrup
130 mlmilk
50 mlcream (min. 33% fat content)

To decorate

 amaretti broken into pieces
 approx. 200 g sugar for caramel decoration

Stir the mascarpone with the crème brûlée syrup until smooth. Slowly add the milk and cream and stir until smooth. Fill into the KAYSER cream whipper* using a sieve. Screw the head firmly onto the bottle, screw in the KAYSER cream charger and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Shake vigorously 3–4 times before serving.

For the caramel decoration melt approximately 1/3 of the sugar in a small pot over medium heat. When the sugar begins to liquefy, gradually add the remaining sugar. Repeatedly stir with a cooking spoon so that the sugar does not burn. When the sugar has taken on a golden colour, remove the pot from the stove and briefly place it in cold water. The liquid then becomes viscous and takes on the consistency of syrup. Now dip a tablespoon into the caramelized sugar and use it to pull threads to form a caramel lattice on a sheet of baking paper. The caramelized sugar hardens rapidly and must therefore be processed quickly.

If you notice that the mass becomes too firm, you can place the pot back on the hot stove. After a short time, the caramel will then become a little more liquid again and you can continue to work with it.

Put amaretti pieces and raspberries into a glass and dispense the cream on top. Sprinkle with the remaining amaretti and raspberries and decorate with the caramel lattice and mint.

Always follow the operating instructions of the KAYSER cream whippers as well as for the KAYSER cream chargers!

* Take care not to exceed the filling mark on the side of the bottle