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Egg Benedict with Hollandaise sauce






40 min


Chill Time
0 min


Suitable for: WHIPcreamer INOX 0,5 L

For the Hollandaise sauce

350 gbutter cubes (yields about 280 ml clarified butter)
2egg yolks**
1whole egg**
100 mldry white wine
1 tsplemon juice
1/2bay leaf
4crushed, black peppercorns
2 sprigstarragon
1 pinchof sugar

For the egg benedict

4 slicesof toast
8 slicesof ham
2 lwater
3 clwhite wine vinegar

To decorate

 parsley and tomato cubes

To prepare the Hollandaise sauce melt the butter cubes in a pan and bring to the boil (clarify for about 5 minutes). Skim off the foam from the surface of the butter.

Bring the white wine to a simmer with the chopped shallot, crushed peppercorns, bay leaf, tarragon, sugar and lemon juice, and reduce for about 3–5 minutes. Pour the reduced herbs and other ingredients through a fine sieve. Put the egg yolks, whole egg and 30 ml of the reduction in a metal bowl and beat over a pan of boiling water (steam) at approx. 70°C / 158°F. Next, carefully stir in the warm, liquid butter (approx. 50°C / 122°F) using a whisk until the mixture emulsifies. Season with salt. Pass through a fine sieve into the KAYSER cream whipper*. Tighten the lid, insert a KAYSER cream charger and shake vigorously 3–4 times. Keep the KAYSER cream whipper warm in a bain-marie at a temperature of max. 65°C / 149°F.

To prepare the poached eggs bring the water and vinegar to the boil. Crack each egg carefully into a small ladle that you have first rinsed with water, without breaking the yolk. Once the water starts to simmer slide the egg into it slowly and leave to simmer for approx. 5-6 minutes (do not allow the water to come back to the boil again in this time). Lift out and drain.

Put 2 slices of ham on each slice of toast and then place a poached egg on top. Shake the KAYSER cream whipper again briefly and pipe the Hollandaise sauce over the eggs. Decorate with parsley and tomato cubes.

You can fry the ham slightly first.

Always follow the operating instructions of the KAYSER cream whippers as well as for the KAYSER cream chargers!

* Take care not to exceed the filling mark on the side of the bottle.

** Use only pasteurized eggs.